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WIN sells technology solutions which range from automated telemetry equipment to individual sensors for existing networks / equipment as well as full service installations and programs. Please contact or call 519-352-5334 and a WIN associate will be in touch with you.

WIN is the Authorized distributor of ADCON Telemetry solutions, providing the complete range of Telemetry needs. This Telemetry lineup has applications in SCADA systems, irrigation monitoring & control, automated data collection from attached sensors.

Radio - A723s4 , A724, A752, A753
Cellular - A753GPRS, A755GPRS, A757GPRS
Base Station, Infrastructure - A850, RA440, A440, A751
Software - addVANTAGE Pro; The next level of visualization
- Live Data; Integrate visualization into your own website or products!
- Text Export Tool
- OPC Servers for industrial / SCADA applications

Sensors: Sensors which can be connected are virtually limitless. The ADCON Telemetry family can accept Voltage, Current, SDI-12 data, Digital and Pulse inputs, allowing for maximum flexibility and compatibility.

The following list is a limited review of sensors WIN and its distribution partners have supplied.

Soil Moisture

  • C-probe (Agrilink)
  • EasyAg TriSCAN (Sentek)
  • Digital Hydra Probe (Stevens Water)
  • EC5, EC10, (Decagon)
  • SM1 Multi Level Soil Moisture (ADCON)
  • Vribb
  • Aquaflex (Streat Instruments)

Water Level

  • RLS1 Radar Level Sensor (OTT)
  • Pressure Transducer (Keller)
  • PA1 Level Sensor (ADCON) - Pipeline Pressure

Weather Monitoring

  • Temperature / RH (Various)
  • Rainfall 0.1, 0.2 mm increments (Various)
  • Wind Speed, Wind Direction (Various)
  • Solar Radiation (Various)
  • Barometric Pressure (Various)
  • Soil Temperature (Various)

Infastructure Monitoring

  • GPS Location (ADCON)
  • Digital Compass (ADCON)
  • BP1 Line Pressure 0-300PSI (ADCON) - Barometric Pressure
  • LEV-10 Tank / Water Level (Various)
  • Engine / Pump Status (Various)

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