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WIN Website Services

Weather INnovations Consulting LP provides a number of on-line services. Some services are available at no charge, thanks to WIN sponsors. Sponsorship of these programs assists in offering these tools to producers, organizations and researchers. Contact WIN at 519-352-5334 or email WIN to inquire about sponsorship opportunities suitable for your organization.

Visit the following WIN websites to learn more about the many weather based monitoring and modelling services that WIN provides.

Expand All (MAIN site)

  • WIN's main website
  • Who we are
  • Services and products we offer
  • Description of decision support models available
  • WIN's research initiatives
  • Weather station equipment technology and distribution
  • Current news and events
  • Client's custom Raw Data access (for grape and tender fruit producers and industry)

  • Focused at grape, apple, berry, and tender fruit growers
  • Covers 3 appellations including the Niagara Peninsula, Lake Erie North Shore, and Prince Edward County
  • Sponsored by Grape Growers of Ontario, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, and Ontario Tender Fruit Producers
  • Access to historical and forecast weather data
  • Daily disease pressure, growing degree days, evapotranspiration, rainfall, overnight low, and bud hardiness maps plus data access
  • Current vine and tree fruit news, research, reports, links (for Michigan and Ontario Sugarbeet growers)

Michigan Beets
  • Focused at Michigan and Ontario sugarbeet growers
  • Access to daily disease severity values (DSV), growing degree days, and rainfall maps plus data access
  • SPRAYcast® for the sugarbeet regions of Michigan and Ontario
  • Soil temperature graphs
  • Site-specific DSV's, rhizoctonia timing tool, glyphosate timing tool, estimated growth stage model, site-specific weather and forecast data
  • Record spray dates and treatment
  • Custom email and/or text alarms
  • Current sugarbeet news and events
  • Sponsored by Michigan Sugar Company (for Ontario wheat growers)

Weather Central
  • Sponsored by Bayer CropScience and Grain Farmers of Ontario
  • Access to site-specific models:
    • DONcast® - predictor of DON levels
    • WHEATcast™ - predictor of leaf spot and powdery mildew
    • SPRAYcast® - spray advisory
  • Field mapping and agronomic information records
  • Access to site-specific crop heat units, growing degree days, and forecast data
  • Quick reference unit conversion tool (fusarium risk management for wheat producers in Europe)

DONcast EU
  • Site-specific DONcast® for Europe
  • Available in 6 different languages
  • Description of how DONcast® works
  • Sponsored by Bayer CropScience (for potato growers in Manitoba)

MB Potatoes
  • Focused at Manitoba Potato Growers
  • Access to daily disease severity values (DSV), physiological days (P-Days), crop water demand (ET), and rainfall maps
  • Daily potato news updates
  • SPRAYcast®
  • Daily weather reports
  • Current and upcoming potato events
  • Sponsored by MAFRI (for potato growers in Ontatio)

ON Potatoes
  • Focused at Ontario Potato Growers
  • Access to physiological days (P-Days), crop water demand (ET), soil moisture, and rainfall maps
  • Daily potato news updates
  • SPRAYcast®
  • Daily weather reports
  • Current and upcoming potato events
  • In partnership with Ontario Potato Board, sponsored by AAC, OMAFRA and AAFC (WIN supplies Adcon wireless telemetry across Canada)

  • Sample of WIN's clients and projects across Canada
  • Full suite of Adcon systems which WIN offers
  • Examples of services and products in WIN's portfolio
  • The Weather INnovations Story (for Ontario apple growers)

  • Focused at Ontario Apple Growers
  • Models like Apple Scab, Fire Blight Risk, Codling Moth, Curculio, San Jose, Tree Phenology and rainfall maps etc
  • SPRAYcast®
  • Weather forecast in the orchard
  • Daily apple news updates
  • In partnership with Norfolk Fruit Growers Association (for Ontario SOD growers)

  • Focused at Ontario SOD Growers
  • Tools like crop water demand, soil moisture, soil water balance, daily ET maps and rainfall maps etc
  • SPRAYcast®
  • Radar View of the field
  • Weather forecast in the field
  • Daily news updates
  • In partnership with Nursery Sod Growers Association of Ontario (TOMcast® early blight, late blight, additional models vegetable diseases)

  • Focused at Ontario Vegetable Growers
  • Online weather information, agronomic calculations, disease & pest risk prediction models
  • Growing degree day (GDD)-based scouting advisories and management guidelines are available for insect pests of many diverse vegetable crops
  • TOMcast (Early Blight, Late Blight)
  • SPRAYcast®
  • Weather forecast in the field
  • Vegetable market news updates

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